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Play Instant Scratch Cards

Here at Play Club Casino we are proud of having an incredibly diverse collection of games with enough in it to appeal to all types of players. This diversity extends to our collection of Scratch Cards. While the games may be simple in principle, they are based on a great variety of themes and many of them come with enjoyable extra features. In addition to Scratch Cards, we also have a hugely enjoyable collection of Instant Games that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and which can provide hours of entertainment and some huge winnings. As you get to know our collection, we are sure that you will find many new favourites and have a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Classic Scratch Cards

Our collection of Classic Scratch Cards includes the games that are most similar to the scratch cards that you can buy in shops. They have a range of themes, but in each of them, you simply need to reveal the symbols to see if you have won. Just as with physical scratch cards, it is often a hugely exciting experience and there are some enormous payouts up for grabs. The games are fast-paced and we are sure that everyone will enjoy getting to know them. Start playing today to see if you will be our next big winner.

Fantasy Scratch Cards

Our collection of Fantasy Scratch Cards can both take you into fantasy worlds and universes, and can help some of your fantasies come true. Many of the games feature magicians, wizards, dragons, genies, witches, fairies, angels, and demons, and take you on great adventures, while all of the games, regardless of their fantasy theme, give you the chance to win a massive amount of money. No matter what your fantasies are, playing Fantasy Scratch Cards at Play Club Casino could go a long way to helping them come true.

Casino Scratch Cards

If you normally play card and table games, or if you are interested in them but have not yet tried them, then you are bound to love playing our Casino Scratch Cards. These games are built upon classic casino games, such as Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and Slot machines, but they are greatly simplified so that you don’t have to worry about complicated rules or strategies. The gams are all very fast-paced and many of them offer far larger payouts than the casino games that they are based upon. Whether you are seasoned card and table game player looking to relax or just looking for a bit of casino themed fun with the chance of big wins, then we are sure that you will love playing Casino Scratch Cards.

Instant Win Games

Instant Games are similar to scratch cards in that they require no skill, but rather than revealing symbols, the way in which you win will depend upon the games’ themes. There are games based upon sports such as football and basketball, and these may require you to score goals or predict match outcomes in order to win. Some games are as simple as flipping a coin and guessing if heads or tails will win. There are also a number of instant Keno and Bingo games and anyone who enjoys playing the lottery is sure to love exploring them, and just as with Scratch Cards, our Instant Games give you the chance of winning huge payouts.

Find the Right Scratch Card for You

Our Scratch Cards and Instant Games are very varied, but they are all immensely enjoyable and with a bit of luck, can lead to some big wins. While the games are simple, you will find them very engaging and we are confident that you will have fun exploring the collection. Sign up for your Play Club Casino account today and you can start playing straight away.