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Learn How To Play Blackjack at Play Club Casino

Blackjack is the kind of game that needs no introduction. Its reputation and popularity have been spread all over the globe. However, if you’re still new to the game and want a bit of background on the subject, Play Club Casino online blackjack games and resources will have you beating the house head-to-head in hand after hand in no time.

A game you may otherwise know by the name of 21, Blackjack history dates back hundreds of years. It first appeared in popular culture thanks to the written works of Miguel de Cervantes in his famous novel, Don Quixote. In the book, Blackjack was referred to as veintiuna, which is the Spanish word for 21. Cervantes adored gambling culture and it was pervasive in his writing. Often, he included gamblers and grifters as major characters in his work.

Originally, Blackjack was played with a single deck of cards, minus the 8s and 9s. Since then, casino versions, both online and land-based, offers multiple varieties of the game with unique rules that add additional excitement to the game and help drive payouts higher than in standard versions. 

The proliferation of the game has led to multiple rule sets, novel variations, and generally recognized betting strategies. By evaluating all of these characteristics of Blackjack, you’ll understand why Play Club Casino is the best place to play blackjack online.

Basic Blackjack Rules

In Blackjack, the player is positioned against the croupier, who represents the casino or “house” during the game. The objective, while commonly misconstrued as holding a hand of 21, is merely to hold a more valuable hand than your opponent while avoiding going “bust”. However, if one does manage to hold a hand valued at 21, it can be referred to by many names depending on circumstances, but it always pays out the most when used to win a hand.

One might think the game would be boring based on its simplicity. However, there is no shortage of blackjack fans who know full well it is a game that can take a lifetime to master. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lifetime to learn the basics. Here are a few basic Blackjack rules that will apply to most varieties found online and in standard casinos. We’ll even cover a few found in niche varieties. 

The game begins when a player sits down at a table. A table will generally consist of 7 seats. Online blackjack games are generally played by a single player unless their rules allow for multi-player or multi-seat activity.

Placing a wager in the betting box will signal to the dealer that you are participating in the next hand to be dealt. Tables will include both betting minimums and betting maximums. Be sure to select a table whose betting range falls within your desired playing style and budget. 

After betting has taken place, the croupier then deals one card face-up to each player and themself, from left to right. A second card is then dealt face-down left to right for every participant. The player to the left of the croupier will make the first play by deciding to enact one of several actions: hit, stand, double, split, surrender, and stay.

When the player asks to HIT, it means that they want an additional card to be dealt to them. This can be done as many times as the player wants during their turn. If the value of the player’s hand exceeds 21, they will go bust and automatically lose their wager or wagers if side bets are involved.

A player that chooses to STAND has signalled they are satisfied with the strength of their current hand and want to pass play on to the next participant. This is a final action for the player and no additional bets can be placed or cards dealt to them after choosing to stand.

If a player wants to take advantage of a favourable situation and DOUBLE DOWN on their hand, they may do so during their turn. Signalling a double down wager means the player will have to double their initial wager, receive one final card, and take a stand position.

In Blackjack, a SPLIT hand can also generate the opportunity for additional winnings. A split bet is only available when the player holds two equal-value cards after their initial deal. When splitting a hand, the player must place another wager on the second hand this action generates. Both hands are played identically to a single hand game, with the player hitting on each hand individually until selecting a stand position for each.

SURRENDER is an option available in many versions of Blackjack, though not all. It offers an opportunity to recover part of a bet when things don’t look favourable for the player. A surrender action is most often utilized when the croupier’s hand shows a 10-point card or an Ace. The result is half of the player’s wager returned to them and the end of the hand.

It isn’t much more complicated than that in terms of the actions a player can take in any given game of Blackjack. It’s when to use these actions at the appropriate time that enables Blackjack players to take in vast sums of money.

Common Blackjack Variations

The most general version of Blackjack can be found at any casino. If you ever walk into an online or land-based casino that doesn’t have a Blackjack table, just turn around and walk out. It’s one of those staples of any good gaming establishment that simply needs to be there, whether or not it’s your game of choice. 

The selection of blackjack tables has grown significantly with the rise of online casinos. Online Blackjack games that simply can’t be found anywhere else can be enjoyed with the click of a button at fine establishments like ours. 

Take for instance branded Blackjack games. These feature your favourite stars and athletes in blackjack games that are designed with custom graphics and sounds while following along with stories, themes, and events found throughout popular culture.

Live Blackjack games are another wildly popular variation among players new and old. Live blackjack games online deliver a seamless and true-to-life experience once only found in brick and mortar casinos. Through the use of streaming video and audio, players can take a seat at a real casino table from the comfort of their own home. By broadcasting their unique account credentials through their casino software, players can feel like a real high-roller without ever setting foot out their front door. Croupiers are stationed at every table to wait on players and carry on with the conversation as the games are played. Tips are even appreciated among the staff who participate and develop a report with players.

Progressive Blackjack and Jackpot Blackjack games are those that deliver substantial jackpot payouts for players who meet very rare conditions while playing. These games can potentially pay hundreds of thousands to millions in chips. However, their conditions are exceedingly rare, hence the huge payouts to anyone who can meet the criteria.

Blackjack Betting Strategies

In the world of blackjack, there is no shortage of veteran players who think they’ve got a fool-proof system to game the house. For many, it’s all fantasy. However, for a few, it’s true. Blackjack is a game considered to be equally a game of skill and chance among many of its players. Here are a few consistent strategies to consider before settling at a particular online Blackjack table. 

First, consider the version of the game. Each version is different not only in it’s potential for any given outcome, but some contain varying amounts of card decks in their virtual shoe. Some entertain a field of side bets that can be placed independent of the player’s initial bet to participate.

Second, consider the house advantage, as indicated by the number of decks included in the shoe. The amount of advantage may vary slightly, but a good player will take every advantage they can get. Here’s how the house edge stacks up depending on the number of decks in play:

Number of Decks

House Edge (%)












Another characteristic to incorporate into your strategy is the betting limitations. You need to consider what your play style is, or at least what it will be for any particular session of playing. If you want to get in a lot of hands over a long duration, going for lower bets will help ensure you are able to play at a table for longer. If you prefer a shorter session with larger one-off payouts, then high-limit tables are more likely your style.

Along those same lines, when fitting in the most hands possible in a session of blackjack is the goal, multi-hand blackjack variations are where you’ll want to place focus. Multi-hand blackjack games will allow the player to occupy multiple seats during each round. That means the player can play up to 7 seats at once. As a result, the player sees more of the cards in play as well. This can further inch the odds in the player's favour. However, you have to be ready to pay the price for that advantage in the form of multiple bets each round.

Play Online Blackjack at Play Club Casino Today

These are just a few of the characteristics of online Blackjack you should know before sitting down for a game at the Play Club Casino Blackjack tables online. Take advantage of multiple Blackjack variations we offer, accommodating wagering options, and huge player benefits for continued loyalty. We look forward to seeing you more around the online Blackjack tables at Play Club Casino.


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