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Scratch and Win with Scratch Cards

Here at Play Club Casino you will find a huge number of enjoyable Scratch Cards to play. Anyone who has ever bought a physical scratch card will know exactly how to play. You simply need to reveal the hidden symbols to find out if you have won.

While this may sound simple, Scratch Cards can provide you with hours of fun and some of them offer enormous payouts of up to 15,000 times your bet or even more. Furthermore, our Scratch Cards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with all kinds of different themes. You will find cards themed upon ancient civilisations, sports, music, magic, mystery, Christmas, casino games, adventures, travel, nature, the orient, outer space, comic books, and much more. The themes are brought to life with enjoyable animations and sound effects, and in some games, they are furthered through exciting bonus rounds that can lead to even more winnings.

In addition to Scratch Cards, we also have a number of Instant Games for you to enjoy. These have a similar range of themes, but instead of revealing symbols, you will be betting on things such as a toss of a coin, a penalty shootout, a throw of a dart, and so on. There are also a number of Keno and Bingo games for those who enjoy lottery style games.

Be sure to spend some time exploring the collection of Scratch Cards, as we are sure that you will find many games to enjoy.

Scratch Cards Frequently Asked Questions

What Are My Chances of Winning Playing a Scratch Card?

As with all of the games at Play Club, when you play a Scratch Card you are gambling. This means that there will never be a guarantee that you will win. However, all of our games come with a theoretical RTP (Return to Player). This is the percentage of the money bet on a game that is ultimately returned to players. You can normally find a game’s RTP in its help information and this will give you a better idea of its volatility and your chances of winning. On the other hand, it must be stressed once again that there are never any guarantees when gambling.

How Do You Win When Playing Scratch Cards?

This will vary slightly from game to game. Though in general, you will be looking to find matching symbols and if you find enough then you will win a payout. Different symbols may offer different sized payouts and these can range from a fraction of your bet to many thousands of times your bet. Just keep revealing the hidden symbols and the game will let you know what you have won.

Do I Have to Reveal Each Symbol Individually?

No, you do not. The vast majority of the Scratch Cards available at Play Club have a ‘Reveal All’ option. This will automatically scratch away all of the hidden symbols so that you can see if you have won straightaway. In fact, many games go further than this and have auto play functionality that will allow you to purchase a number of cards in advance and watch as they are played automatically. This can result in very exciting and very fast-paced play.

Scratch Card Terminology Explained

As you play Scratch Cards, you will see that some terminology comes up time and time again. Here is an explanation of the most common terms:

  • Scratch Panel – The area on the scratch card that covers the symbols that you need to remove. You normally just click on it in order to remove it and reveal the hidden symbol.
  • Paytable – This is the area of the scratch card where it shows you the value of each of the symbols or winning combinations. For instance, it may show that finding three stars pays 100 times your bet and that three dollar signs pays 10,000 times your bet.
  • Wager – The amount that you bet on an individual scratch card, sometimes this is also known as the purchase prize.
  • Lines – Some scratch cards contain multiple games, also known as lines, and before playing you will need to choose how many lines you wish to play. Each line gives you the chance of winning a prize and is essentially a game in its own right.
  • Jackpot – The top payout offered by a game, very often it is at least 10,000 times the amount you bet on a scratch card.

Start Playing Scratch Cards Today

Scratch Cards are the perfect option for anyone looking for simple, hassle free games that give the chance of big wins. Start playing our collection of scratch cards today and with a bit of luck, you will soon be revealing numerous winning symbols.