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Play Instant Win Games

Instant Win Games are the perfect solution for those looking to have fast-paced and simple fun, while still having the chance to win huge amounts of money. Instant Win Games come in all different shapes and sizes but the feature that unites them all is their simplicity. They require no skill or strategizing; you simply place your bet and then reveal if you have won. You will find games based upon slots, sports, nature, magic, festivals, and much more. Start exploring the collection today and we are sure you will find new favourites in no time at all.

Keno and Bingo Games

If you play the lottery or enjoy a night out at the bingo then you will love the Instant Win Games versions of Keno and Bingo. When you play Keno you will first be asked to choose your lucky numbers, the number of which will depend on the exact game you play, and you can then watch as the numbers are drawn. Quite simply, the more you match the bigger your prize. The game is fast paced and it gives you the chance to win payouts of 15,000 times your bet or even more. The Bingo games are very similar; however, rather than having to choose your numbers you are given tickets with numbers on and win payouts by crossing out lines on the tickets or forming other patterns, just as when you play regular Bingo. Try your luck on these games today and with a bit of luck you will soon be celebrating a big win.

Play Sports and Win Big

Many of our Instant Win Games have sporting themes and give you a great chance to enjoy a bit of sporting action without having to exercise anything more than your index finger. There are games based upon athletics, football, darts, bowling, basketball and more. Each of the games takes an aspect of the sport, such as a penalty shootout, and uses it to give you the chance to win. It doesn’t matter whether you are usually a spectator or a player, with our sport themed Instant Win Games, everyone has the same chance of becoming a big winner.

More Games with Exciting Themes

We have many more Instant Win Games at Play Club Casino with a great variety of themes. Some of them are based upon games such as Rock, Paper, Scissors, or Heads or Tails, while others have themes that can take you to magical forests, in search of buried treasure, or simply fishing by a calm lake. Each game is entertaining in its own right and all of them can be hugely exciting. Be sure to explore them carefully so that you don’t miss out on any potential favourites or winnings.