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blackjack fast

Anyone who is looking to truly immersive themselves in Blackjack action will love playing Blackjack Fast. As the game’s name suggests, the action takes place at breakneck speed and beyond that, it is possible to play up to 12 hands at the same time. The game does not allow splitting or surrendering, but it does allow you to double down. The game is played with 20 decks of card and it promises to provide you with hours of fun.

Game Flow

As is the case in nearly all Blackjack games, the aim of Blackjack Fast is to build a hand of cards that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s is. At the end of the round, any of your hands that are close to 21 than the dealer’s is will win a payout. To start a round, simply place your chips in the hand positions that you want to play, you can play anything from 1 to 12 hands.

When you are happy with your bets, click on Deal and each of your hand positions will receive two face up cards while the dealer will receive one face up card and one facedown. When a hand value is calculated, the number cards 2 – 10 are worth their face values, face cards are worth 10 and aces are worth 1 or 11. Therefore, 21 can be formed with just two cards, an ace and a ten card. This is called Blackjack and it cannot be beaten, even by hands with a value of 21 that are made up of more cards.

For each position, you have three basic options:

  • Stand – Your hand remains as is and play moves to the next hand or the dealer.
  • Hit – You receive another card, if you don’t bust then you may Hit or Stand again.
  • Double – This doubles your bet, you will receive one more card, and then the hand stands.

Once you have been through all of your hands and made the decisions, you click on ‘Confirm’. The game will then deal any necessary additional cards, and the process then repeats itself.

When you have finished playing your hands the dealer will play. The dealer will always draw more cards until the hand is worth at least 17.

Bets Explained

There is just one bet in this version of Blackjack, the ante bet that is placed on each hand position at the start of each round.

Special Features

To make the game even faster, after each round you can click on a ‘Rebet and Deal’ button to quickly bet the same again and start the next round. If you wish to change your bets then click on ‘Rebet’ and you can adjust them as necessary.


All winning hands are paid out at 1:1, except for Blackjack, which pays at 3:2. Bets on hands that tie with the dealer are returned as a push.