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Play Online Scratchcards

There is a huge collection of online Scratch Cards available to play here at Play Club Casino, and they all give you the chance of big wins without having to worry about strategy or complicated rules. The games all work on a very simple premise, reveal the hidden symbols and if enough of them match, then you will win a payout.

Despite the games’ simplicity, they can provide hours of fun. You will find scratch cards with a huge range of themes, and these themes help to bring the cards to life and make them more engaging. You will find cards with themes such as nature, sports, festivals, adventure, animals, magic, and more. The themes are brought to life with enjoyable graphics and sound effects, and this creates an entirely new level of entertainment.

Some of the scratch cards will even offer basic bonus features. For example, there may be a special symbol that increases your payouts. Other scratch cards may have more involved bonus games, such as picking games that offer bonus payouts.

If you are normally a fan of casino card and table games, then you may turn to scratch cards as a way of unwinding. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your favourite games. There are scratch cards based upon all of the casino classics, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and Craps. These incorporate enjoyable elements of the casino games, but do not require you to worry about betting strategies, statistics and so on. For example, if you play the Roulette scratch card you will first spin the ball within the wheel to choose a number and then reveal the hidden symbols to see if that number is there. Another example is the Royal Poker Scratch in which you are dealt two face up cards and then have to scratch three of five face down cards to try to form a poker hand and win a payout.

Instant Win Games

Together with the collection of scratch cards, you will find a number of instant games. These are games that require absolutely no skill and are normally based upon very simple ideas. This makes them the perfect choice when you are looking to relax, as they still give you the chance of hitting some huge payouts.

Once again, there are games with many different themes, with more than enough available to ensure that all players will find something to enjoy, no matter their style. For example, the game Crazy Ball is a bowling style game where you will win payouts based upon how many pins you knock over while the game Ready, Set, Go, combines elements of slot machines and gives you the chance to win six prizes simultaneously. One of the simplest games is Hi Lo 54, where you simply need to guess if the next number to come out a machine will be higher or lower than the last. There are many such mini-games, and each one of them is sure to entertain.

If you enjoy number games, then be sure to try our Bingo games. There are a few on offer all of which give you the chance to win big. You can watch as the balls are drawn and the numbers marked off on your tickets. As when playing bingo at a bingo hall, if you match enough numbers then you win a payout.

While online scratch cards may not have the same glamour associated with them that some other casino games do, they should not be overlooked. Spend some time exploring the collection and you are bound to reveal a few favourites in no time at all.