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Play Live Baccarat with Live Dealers

For a long time Baccarat was a game reserved for the gambling elite and high rollers. However, today everyone can enjoy this exciting and elegant game, regardless of the size of their bankroll. You can take a seat at our Live Baccarat tables and experience the thrill as the dealer reveals the cards to see if Player, Banker or Tie has won. You will find tables suited to every size budget and they offer all the features you need for an enjoyable playing experience.

Our games take place at authentic bean-shaped tables, with the cards dealt face down to provide the most realistic experience possible. The action is streamed to you in high definition and highly professional Live dealers, who ensure that the gameplay is smooth, run the tables. We offer a few different Baccarat games, each with slightly different features to make sure that all players can find exactly what they are looking for. It is a truly exciting and immersive experience so take you seat today to start playing straight away.

How to Play Live Baccarat

If you have ever played Baccarat then you will find Live Baccarat very easy to get to grips with. It follows the standard game rules and has very easy user controls so that you can place bets quickly and easily. If you have never played before, don’t worry, as it is in fact a very simple game.

When you play Baccarat you will bet on Banker, Player or Tie, and the bet is on which person’s hand will be closer to nine at the end of a round. You begin a round by placing a bet and once all bets have been placed, the Player and the Banker are dealt two cards each.

In Baccarat, Aces are worth 1, number cards (2 through 10) are worth their face value and face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are worth 10. If the total of the two cards is greater than ten (e.g. a 6 and a 7, which is worth 13), then ten is subtracted from the total (so 6 and 7 are worth 3).

In some situations, a third card may be dealt to either of the positions. If a hand is worth 8 or 9 then no further cards are dealt and the hand is known as a Natural. If the Player position is worth 5 or less, then a third card is dealt to it. If the Player position does not receive a third card, the Banker position stands on 6 or more and will draw on 5 or less.

If the Player position has received a third card then the Banker position obeys the following rules. If the Banker total is 2 or less then the bank receives a third card. If the Banker has a total of 3 then they will draw a third card if the Player’s third card is not an 8. If the Banker’s total is 5 then the Banker draws a card if the Player’s third card is a 4, 5, 6 or 7. If the Banker total is 6 then the Banker draws a third card if the Player’s third card is a 6 or 7. The Banker will stand on a total of 7 or higher.

Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, the dealer will handle it all for you and in time it is sure to become second nature.

At the end of a round, a winning bet pays out at 2:1, except for a winning Tie bet, which pays out 8:1.

Special Features and Side Bets

Many players enjoy looking for patterns using special roads when playing Baccarat. Our Live Baccarat games offer a wide selection of roads to help you to this. The Bead Road and the Big Road display the results of each past round, while you can use the Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road to look for patterns derived from the Big Road. This way you can build a betting strategy and hopefully increase your winnings.

Another way of increasing your winnings is with the side bets that many of the games offer. You can place Player Pair and Banker Pair side bets, a bet on either the player’s or the banker’s first two cards being a pair, if they are then you win a payout of 11:1. Some games also offer Player Bonus, Banker Bonus, Either Pair and Perfect Pairs side bets, which offer payouts of up to 200:1 (and make the game even more exciting.

Baccarat players will know that the ritual of the squeeze is something that makes the game even more exciting. If you enjoy the squeeze then be sure to take a seat at our Live Baccarat Squeeze tables. More than 15 cameras cover the game, and the important squeeze is performed by the dealer and captured in a number of thrilling close-up shots. The dealer will quickly reveal the cards for the hand associated with the smaller total wager and then squeeze the cards dealt to the hand with the greatest total wager, making the reveal extremely exciting.

Enjoy the Loyalty Experience

All of our Live Baccarat games give you the chance to experience what it is like to play in one of the world’s top casinos. The games take place in a luxurious environment and the dealers will give you the royal treatment while running the game. It doesn’t matter whether you are brand new to Live Baccarat or whether you have been playing the game for years. At Play Club Casino, you are sure to have a fantastic time at our tables and find everything you need for the ultimate Baccarat experience. Start playing Live Baccarat today and see how you fare at James Bond’s favourite game.