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live immersive roulette

If you want to get closer to the Roulette wheel than ever before, then Live Immersive Roulette is the game for you. It is a standard game of European Roulette but it gives you the ability to enjoy the action in crystal clear high definition video that is shot at 200 frames per second. You can enjoy close up views of the wheel and slow motion replays of the ball coming to a stop to draw you into the action. The game offers many more special features that make your playing experience even more enjoyable and realistic.

Game Flow

The game is played as any other standard game of European Roulette. The aim is to bet on which segment in a spinning wheel the ball will come to rest on. You place your chips on the relevant parts of the betting area and then you can watch as the croupier spins the ball inside the wheel. You will see the wheel in high definition as the ball comes to a stop, and you will then be shown a slow motion replay for the best possible view. Winning bets are then paid out and you can then start betting on the next round.

Bets Explained

There are many different types of bet in Roulette. This is because, in addition to betting on individual numbers, you can also bet on sets or groups of numbers. For instance, you can bet on all the red numbers, or all the even numbers. You can also bet on groups of numbers that are adjacent on the betting area, both in rows and columns.

The bets are divided into inside and outside bets. The inside bets are:

  • Straight – A bet on an individual number
  • Street – A bet on a row of three numbers on the betting area
  • Split – A bet on two adjacent numbers
  • Corner – A bet on four numbers that form a square on the betting area
  • Line – A bet on two streets covering six numbers
  • Trio – A bet on three numbers including 0

The outside bets are:

  • Column Bet – A bet on a column of 12 numbers on the betting area
  • Dozen Bet – A bet on a set of 12 numbers, 1 – 12, 13 – 24 or 25 – 36.
  • Red/Black – A bet on all the red or all the black numbers
  • Even/Odd – A bet on all the even or all the odd numbers
  • Low/High Bet: A bet on whether the ball will land on a low or high number (1 – 18 or 19 – 36).

You can also use a Racetrack betting area to place common betting patterns quickly and easily.

  • Voisins du Zero: A bet on the numbers neighbouring 0 on the wheel, it includes all of the numbers between 22 and 25.
  • Tier: A bet on the segment of the wheel that is opposite 0, this bet covers roughly a third of the wheel, the numbers between 33 and 27.
  • Orphelins: A bet on the numbers 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9.
  • Zero: A bet on seven numbers surrounding zero on the wheel

The final type of bets are neighbour bets. These are bets on a number and its neighbours on the wheel. You can set it to be between 0 and 9 neighbouring numbers.

Special Features

Live Immersive Roulette is made distinct by the Hollywood-style cameras that capture all the action in close upon. However, many more features make the game enjoyable. You can change the view so that you can see the video stream, two betting areas, the chat window and a statistical analysis of the last 500 rounds simultaneously. You can also save your favourite bets so that you can place them quickly in the future. If you want to sit back and enjoy the action you can use auto play to set a bet on up to 100 rounds together with stop conditions such as if your balance decreases by a certain amount. Of course, while you play, you can also chat with your fellow players and the dealer, and enjoy the social atmosphere.


Roulette Immersive Live offers the standard Roulette payouts. Straight Up bets pay 35:1 , Split bets pay 17:1, Street bets pay 11:1, Corner bets pay 8:1, Line bets pay 5:1, Column and Dozen bets pay 2:1, and Red/Black, Even/Odd, and 1-18/19-36 pay 1:1.